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We lost to destinyNalu shippers don’t hate me. I ship Nalu too ç_çAs I said in a wip I posted two months ago, I began this work after reading the chapter 297. This image stuck in my mind and I’ve been forced to drawing it for exorcizing that. I really hope that what I drew won’t happen… I imagine it like a scene before when Lucy is desperately singing/crying..

I think my heart just shattered into a million pieces and blew away in the wind …

I was so afraid of reading anything under the picture in case I would spoil anything. You have no idea how happy I am that this is fan art. It’s amazing fan art btw!
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If you need someone to hold you, to help you escape from your sadness, I will always be here for you~
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Natsu, Lucy, irl

I hit the enter key right after I had written Natsu >u< that’s why I just posted Natsu.

Oh and I only watch the anime, since I would probably stop watching it if I started to read the manga. 

Well, NaLu is one of my ultimate ships in Fairy Tail, there’s so many reason for them to happen, then again… Yes, then again, I can see why it won’t happen at all. Natsu and Lucy’ relationship (and I just came over a very good picture discribing it) it’s a lot like me and my best-friend’. 

He’ll come over, hang out, eat food, bother me, have stupid arguments with me about whose wrong on a subjects that’s clearly not important. But I still love him to death, I would literary die if anything happened to him. I can talk to him about stuff that actually bothers me, and he will listen, even if it’s very girlish. He is my Natsu, and I would protect him if I had a loads of celestial keys (I would probably have cooler magic then that, gomene Lucy), and he would most defiantly do the same if he had fire magic.

People has mistaken us for a couple, but we are just very well synchronized, and the reason for that might be because we have been best friends for 7 years or because we spent a lot of time together last summer. 

But he is one of those friends that I love with all my heart.

And I think that (even if I love NaLu) that’s whats going on between Natsu and Lucy. Until proven other vise…. 

…. I still ship NaLu very hard, so I will continue to look for NaLu moments x3

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The way that she moves You know what it does to meAnd when I catch her eyeI can hardly breathe

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